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Dr Govardhan Reddy

Professional Summary

Dr. Govardhan Reddy is a Consultant Urologist and has a special interest in Uro-Oncology and Renal Transplant. He has worked extensively in one of the Highest Transplant Center in India namely Apollo Hospital, Chennai, a center which is a high volume center for transplants and reconstructive surgery. Involved in more than 1000 transplant including pediatric transplants & cadavaric transplants. Has worked in UK in center for Uro-Oncology and reconstructive surgery. He has also done Fellowships in Urology around Europe. Presently practices Uro-oncology and transplant at Vikram Hospital, Bangalore. He works with a team of Oncology experts in the field of Oncology.

Educational Qualifications

FEBU(Fellow European Board of Urology) , June 2007

MRCS,Royal College of Surgeons England , Sept 2006

DNB in Urology (Diplomate of National Board of Examinations, India) , May 2005

MS in General Surgery, Kamataka University, India. December 1999

MBBS , Gulbarga University, India, June 1995

Work Experience

Consultant Urologist, Apollo Hospital Chennai, June 2007-May 2009
Associate Specialist (Urology),King George Hospital, London, Dec 2005-April 2007
Specialist Registrar (Urology), University Hospital Aintree, March 2005-Nov 2005
Registrar (Urology), Apollo Hospitals Chennai, Aug 2001 - Dec 2004
Registrar (Urology), KLES Hospitals Belgaum, September 1999 - July 2001
Registrar (General Surgery), Karnataka Institute of Medical Science, Hubli, Karnataka, June 1996-August 1999
Tutor(Anatomy), Sri Adhichunchanagiri Medical College, June 1995-May 1996
Tutor(Anaesthesia), Sri Devraj Urs Medical College, Kolar, May 19994-May 1995
House Surgeon in Medicine, Surgery, O&G, Peadiatrics, VIMS Bellary, April 1993-April 1994


"Study of Liver Abscess and Management". Supervised by Dr. Madakatti, Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery, KIMS, Hubli. July 1999. This study was done to assess the effect of pigtail drainage under ultrasound guidance. 

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'A Rare Case ofVon Hippel Lindau's Disease, Published in Apollo Hospital Proceedings, India. 

Two Weeks Cancer Referral Rule by GP'- Is It Working " 'Surgical Directorates Audit on Case Paper

' Our experience in Laparoscopic Surgery' 

'Audit On 'Renal Cell Carcinoma' 

'Questionnaire Study on 'Laparoscopic Surgery in Urology' 

 'Paper On ' Malignant Mesothelioma of Tunica Vaginalis'