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Dr I R Ravish

Professional Summary

Dr. Ravish Finished MBBS & M.S. (General Surgeon) from J.S.S medical college (Mysore), Mch (Urology) from J.N medical college Belgaum. He completed Fellowship in pediatric urology in KLE’s university (Belgaum). Finished fellow in paediatric  urology (Minnesota/ USA). To his credit, he has around 23 international publications, Won award for one of the best paper for publication in world congress of andrology conference South Korea (Seoul). 

Educational Qualifications

M.B.B.S, M.S(Gen Surgery), M.Ch (Urology) Fellowship in Pediatric Urology 

Work Experience

1.     Worked as registrar in Dept. Of Gen Surgery from 1997-1998 in JSS Medical College - Mysore
2.     Worked as registrar in Dept. Of Urology from April 2002-2004 in KLES Kidney Foundation - Belgaum
3.     Worked as International Fellow in Pediatric Urology at University of Minnesota for 3 months in 2008
4.     Worked as Fellow in Pediatric Urology (Steker International Scholar Program) in Columbus, Ohio under Dr. Jayanthi & Dr. Stephan Koff for 1 month in 2008
5.     Working as Asst. Prof in Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum & as Consultant Urologist in KLES Kidney Foundation.

Some of the eminent world renowned doctors and universities have recognized Dr. Ravish's work.

  1. Dr. Aseem R Shukla, MD, Director of Pediatric Urology, University of Minnesota Children's Hospital, Fair View
  2. Dr. Venkata R Jayanthi, MD, Nation Wide Children Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
  3. Dr. Stephen A Koff, MD, Nation Wide Children Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
  4. Certification as International Fellow in Pediatric Urology - University of Minnesota

Paper presentations

1. MRU in clinical practice -USI 2005 

2. Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty in Infants-WeD -Mumbai 

3. Psychological Effects of Unwanted Childlessness in infertile males-8th international Congress of Andrology -Korea 2005-10-02 

4. Role of SST Biopsy of testis in male infertility-8th international Congress of Andrology -Korea 2005-10-02 

5. Laparoscopic Boari's flap urethroneocystomy-16th annual Conference of the South Zone -Urological Society of India 

6. Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy-16th annual conference of the South Zone - U rological Society of India 

7. Antenatally diagnosed unilateral hydronephrosis - Podium USICON 2006. 

8. Sperm retrieval using needle aspiration biopsy and HP correlate - Podium USICON 2006 

9. Mobile Lithotripsy our experience - Podium USICON 2006 

10. Laparoscopic adrenalectomy for large pheochromocytoma - Podium South Zone 2006 

11. Prospective randomized controlled trial comparing open and Lap. 

12. Pyeloplasty in treatment of primary PUJ obstruction in children - Podium SZ 2006

Papers Published (Indexed Journals)

1. Laparoscopic dismembered Pyloplasty In children-Journal of Urology Aug 2005 

2. Psychological effects of unwanted childlessness in infertile males-published in Medimod Pl.lblications (proceedings of 8th International Congress of Andrology-Korea J"une 12-162005). 

3. Role of single seminiferous tubule (881") biopsy of testis in male infertilityypublished in Medimod Pu.blications (proceedings of 8th International Congress of Andrology Medimond - Korea, June 12-16 2005). 

4. Role of needle aspiration biopsy of testis in male infertility published in Medimod Publications (proceedings of 8th International Congress of Andrology Medimond - Korea, J-une12-16 2005). 

5. Antenatally diagnosed unilateral hydronephrosis long term follows up - m Indian Journal of Urology Decenlber 2005. 

6. Female assigned genetic rnale with severe hypospodiasis-psychosocial changes and psychosexual treatment - Indian Journal of Urology March 2006. " 

7. Finasteride to Evaluate the efficacy of Dustasteride in the Management of Patients with Lower Urina..ry Tract Symptoms and Enlarged Prostate `Archives of Andrology ,2007; 53, 17-20. 

8. Severe Hy'}Jospadias with Micropenis case of Confused Sex, Psychosocial changes and Treatment - Archives of Andrology; 2007; 53, 9-12 

9. Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty in comparison to Open Pyeloplasty In children Journal of Endourology, 2007; 21 No.8, 896-900 

10. Laparoscopic Boad Flap reconstruction _. A case report - Journal of Multidisplinary Health Care, Dovepress; New Zealand (Accepted for publication) 

11. Cystoscopic Assisted Laparoscopic Partial Cystectomy - Journal of Endourology (Accepted for publication) 

12. Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy for large Pheochromocytoma - British Journal of Urology, 2007; 100, 1126-1129 

13. Ureteroscopic Stone Management m Prepubertal Children - Pediatric Surgery International 2007;23: 1123-11264 

14. Posterior Urethral Injury in Male Children - Long Term Follow Up - Pediatric Urology 2008; 4: 154-159 

15. Laparoscopic Bladder (Boari)Flap Ureteroneocystostomy - Dove PresssJournal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2008:1, 16 

16. Genital Self-Mutilation in Nonpsychotic Heterosxual Males - Indian Journal of Psychiatry - Accepted for Publication 

17. Voiding Cystourethrogram In The Diagnosis Of Vesicoureteric Reflux In Children With Antenatally Diagnosed Hydronephrosis - Dove Press- Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2008 - Accepted for Publication 

18. Delayed Diagnosis of Disorders of Sexual Differentiation - Journal of Urology - In Review Status 

19. Complex Cloacal Anomaly in Discordant Monozygotic Twins - Gold Journal of Urology - Accepted for Publication 

20. Robot - Assisted Laparoscopic Ureterourethrostomy For Proximal Ureteral Obstruction in Children - Journal of Pediatric Urology - JPUROL00212 

Papers Published (Non Indexed Journals)

1. Urodynamics in Augm.ented Bladder - Journal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical. College - July; 2006 

2. Surgical Treatment of Female Stress Incontinence by either TVT Procedure or Bone A...Y1choring - Journal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical College -- July; 2006 

3. Laparoscopic Nephrectomy for Pyonephrosis / chronic Pyelonephrites Kidney - Joumal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical College - Jan. 2007 

4. Laparoscopic Seminal Vesiculectorfly - A Case Report - Journal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical College - Jan. 2007 

5. AnOJ:ectal Gist (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor) Presenting as a Case of Infravesical Obstruction (Indian Journal of Case Reports) 

6. Lower Ureteric Diverticulum - A Case Report (Indian Journal of Case Reports} 

7. Bipolar Transurethral Resection of Prostate: Safe In comparison to Monopolar Resection - Journal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical College - Jan. to April 2008; Vol: 35 No 1& 2 

8. (J-enital Self-mutilation in Nonpsychotic Heterosexual Males - A Case Report - Journal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical College - Jan. to April 2008; Val: 35 No 1& 2 

9. Sperm Retrieval Rate In Various Testicular Histology Using Needle Aspiration Biopsy (NAB) - Health Science Journal, KLE's University 8July 2008; Vol:l: No 16 

Reviewer of International Journals

 1. Concurrent management if bilateral ureteroplevic junction obstruction in children using robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery - International Braz J. Urol 

2. Fluticasone Furoate Nasal Spray in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis .Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management) 

3. Evaluation of continuous Oral Contraceptives - Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management) 

4. Concurrent Chagas' Disease and Borderline disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis: the role of amiodarone as an anti-trypanosomatidae drug - Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management) 

5. Carbamazepine-induced Hyponatremai: Interferon-alpha is a Predisposing Risk factor - a case report of Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuresis caused by Interferon - alpha Therapy - Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management) 

6. Performance of the OptiMAL dipstick in the diagnosis of malaria infection in pregnancy - Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management) 

7. Nutritional Issues in older Adults with Wounds in a Clinical setting Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management) 

8. L'l.e Treatment of Grass Pollen Allergy: Focu on a Standardized Grass Allergen Extract - Grazax  

Research Activities 

1. Effect of Pygeum Africanum (herbal medicine) on symptomatic BPH-2003. 

2. Conlparative study between Dutasteride Finesteride in symptomatic BPH- 

3. RIRS for renal stones -2004. 

4. Flexible Uretroscopy for post ESWL fragements-2004. 

5. Results of surgical repair of delayed presentations of penile fractures as 
against the conservative management-2005 

6. Randomized Double Blind Phase II for SIRO (Salvat) 2006 

7. Efficacy of Soliferacine over the Antimuscuranie - Ranbaxy 2007 

8. Efficacy of ESWL in Pediatric Stone Patients - (University of Minnesota, USA) 2008