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Dr Mohan

Professional Summary

Dr Mohan is a Consultant Urologist with Special Interest in Laproscopic Urology and Renal Transplant. He has to his credit over 150 renal transplants. He is well trained in vascular surgery and is adept at performing surgeries for all urological disorders including uro-oncology, female urology, urethal reconstructive surgeries, renal transplant and vascular surgeries. He was awarded a Gold Medal in MCh Urology by RGUHS, Bangalore. Since entering practice he has maintained an active surgical practice with special interest in Nephrectomy, Pyeloplasty, Nephroureterectomy, Prostatectomy and Sacrocalpopexy. Prior to joining the Urology Group he had been in practice in Columbia Asia hospital, Bangalore. Presently working in Vikram Hospital, Yashomathi Hospital, Bangalore.

Educational Qualifications

MCh in UROLOGY - GOLD MEDAL (RGUHS) - September 2007 from Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore 
MS in General Surgery - May 2002 from Postgraduate Institute of Ivledical Education & Research, PGIMER Chandigarh 
M.B.B.S, Bangalore Medical College from August 1991 to March 1996

Work Experience.

1. Feb 2008 - July 2010: Worked as a Junior consultant in Columbia Asia Health Care Center (Hebbal / Yeswanthpur) Bangalore

Operation Theatre (Elective & Emergency) :
    Performed & Assisted: Endourology
        100 RIRS + Holmium LASER 11
        25 PCNL
        75 KTP LASER TUVP
        25 USG guided PCN
        TVT / TOT
    Performed & Assisted: Laparoscopic Surgery
        50 Donor Nephrectomy
        5 Radical Prostatectomy
        50 Simple / Radical Nephrectomy
        20 Pyelolithotomy / pyeloplasty
        Uretrolysis / Sacrocalpopexy

2. Three years (2004-07) of full patient management in Urological Patient Management in the Dept of Urology Bangalore medical college, Bangalore
Operation Theatre (Elective & Emergency)
    Endourology & Open surgeries
    Laparoscopic Surgery
Ward & Post operative ICU care
Emergency OPD.

3. One year (2003-04) work experience in Dept of Urology & Renal transplant, Sagar Apollo Hospital, Bangalore
    Assisted around 10 Renal transplants .
    Performed around 1 0 AV fistula
    Performed & Assisted around 200 Endourology, Laproscopy & Open surgeries.

4. Three years (1999-2002) of full time experience In surgical patient management PGIMER, Chandigarh
    Operation Theatre (Elective & Emergency)
    G I, Vascular & Endocrine surgeries >- Laproseopic Surgery
    Ward & Post operative ICU care
    Emergency OPD.

5. One year (l997-98) post MBBS Experience in the Dept of Surgery, Ortho & Paediatrics at IHM Hospital, Pala, Kerala.

Thesis on "Study of changes in coagulation profile after transurethral prostatectomy" $ June 2000 - December 2002 under the guidance of ildditional Prof. Goswami, A.K., Department of Urology, PGHlER, Chandigarh, and Asst. Prof. Reena Das, Dept of Hematology, PGIMER, Chandigarh. 

Paper on '~Aluzosin & Tam.sulosin in the rnanagement of acute urinary retention related to BPH: placebo controlled study", 2005 -2006 under the guidance of Prof. G.K.Venkatesh., Departrnent of Urology, Bangalore Medical Conege~. Bangalore, 

Poster on "Case of haemangiopericytoma of prostate", 2006 under the guidance of Prof. G.K.Venkatesh.) Department of Urology, Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore. 

Presented poster on "Haemangiopencytoma of Prostate" 

Presented a paper on «A~fuzosin & Tamsulosin in the management of acute urinary retention related to BPH" 

Presented a paper on 'Study of changes in coagulation profile after transurethral resection of prostatectomy".